In recent times JS industries has become one of the most known and respected names in the world of performance surfboards. Jason Stevenson (founder, owner and shaper) has built the company from ground up and his talents and love of surfing have gained him global recognition and some strong relationships with a world class team of loyal surfers. The iconic Traktor logo has been found under the feet of a huge number of elite surfers over the years including four World Champions and many more top 32 contenders.
JS’s latest innovation is the Hybrid Fibre Technology (HYFI). The goal with HYFI was to give an ultra-high performance board that would go the distance, even at team weight. Drawing inspiration from the most hi-tech crafts in the boardsports world, JS looked at everything from windsurfs and racing SUPs to wakeboards and snowboards. Advanced manufacturing techniques allow the leaders in each of these fields to create incredibly consistent, well built and long lasting products – three key components in the future of surfboard design.
Seeking to go one better as always, a purpose-built factory gave JS the perfect environment to develop a patent pending Hybrid Fiber Diamond. This breakthrough, now known as HYFI, is an exclusive multi-layer construction that feels like nothing else out there. Think of it as a futuristic exoskeleton for a surfboard that allows it to be lighter and stronger than ever before, while still maintaining the perfect flex for maximum performance.